A Littered Picnic

submitted by Zejtun St Thomas More Secondary School : Yasmin Borg, Anis Riahi, Selma Zinou  for 11-14
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): school magazine,website,other,School monitor in the reception area
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Dissemination description: The photo and article are being displayed on the school monitor found in the reception area.
sustainable development goal(s): good health and well being, life on land
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Enjoying a picnic in a public park and yet surrounded by litter. Is it so difficult to enjoy a picnic in the open air? Dumping litter onto the ground not only is an eyesore but also threatens wildlife. Littering also contributes to water pollution and costs the country money. Litter can also block drain pipes leading to more flooding. Furthermore, litter is also unhygienic and can lead to illness. The presence of litter indicates lack of respect for the other people living in the community.
Why should we pay taxes to employ workers to clean our litter when we can all do our mite to deposit our litter in provided bins or take it home with us?
Does it have to cost us so much effort and money to keep our country clean?

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