Buildings, buildings and more buildings

submitted by Gzira St.Monica School : Gaghel Dingli  for 15-18
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Dissemination description: A special assembly was organised where YRE students described and discussed their work with the rest of the school. An exhibition of students' work was also set up and students’ ideas were posted on t
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Malta is said to be one of the countries with the highest proportion of built-up land area (33%) and one of the countries with the lowest forest land area (5%) amongst all the countries of the European Union. This comes as no surprise as it is clearly evident from the massive increase in the number of new buildings. Even though there are over 70,000 vacant households, contractors still choose to build new buildings since they will make more profit by doing this. Additionally, the number of permits being released every year is on its way up and several permits for buildings to be developed in Outside Development Zones (ODZs) have also been released. This is while these precious areas are supposed to be protected. Several valleys have been destroyed because of this, and much wildlife has become endangered or extinct.

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