Car Dumping in the Countryside

submitted by St Thomas More girls Santa Lucia : Cristina Vella  for 11-14
dissemination(s): Ecko skola notice board, other
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
Dissemination description: This photo is of a seat first i took the picture than i printed it and i sicked it on the the Ecko skola notice board with the picture and the description of the picture and some information so i can
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* The picture was shot in one of the most idylic spots in Marsaxlokk between Tas-Silg and Delimara.

* A car seat looms in the background, courtesy of a mechanic who puts shop nearby.

* To minimize and ideally prevent such abuse, setting up CCTV cameras would come in handy. Ideally, the mayor would be notified and a fine would be sent to the offender/s.

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