Dangerous Monster in Wardija

submitted by St Michael School St Venera : Etienne Degabriele Ferrante  for Age Group: 11-14
dissemination(s): school-media
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Wardija is one of the few remaining spots where we can still have a lovely walk among nature. One can admire lots of plant, insect and bird species in their natural habitat.During a walk there, I noticed this monstruosity. I learned that it was an oil-filled high-voltage transformer used for the distribution of electricity. I discovered that the electromagnetic field generated from this transformer and from the power lines attached to it, are not just ugly for the sight. They are potentially very dangerous. In humans and animals they cause cancer and dna problems, among others, while in plants they stunt growth, reproduction and production of chlorophyll.
Due to rust, the oil could also leak, so polluting the water bed. A possible solution would be to pass the lines underground and placing the transformer in a girna, onto an oil-containment bund. Less risk of contamination, better for the sight.

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