Educational Waste

submitted by Gzira St.Monica School : Laura Moschetti  for Age Group: 11-14
dissemination(s): Exhibition, other, school media, Special Assembly
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Dissemination description: A special assembly was organised where YRE students described and discussed their work with the rest of the school. An exhibition of students' work was also set up and students’ ideas and photos were
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WasteServ and authorised compliance schemes frequently carry out educational campaigns targeted at waste producers. Targeted educational initiatives include talks and educational games in schools and waste management training for companies and government departments. Furthermore, they participate regularly in local community events with stands to promote sustainable waste management practices.
Despite this, whilst strolling through the site visited by Malta’s intellectuals, i.e. the University track, numerous amounts of waste can be observed lying around! People are being lazy and throw their trash around as if no one can see it!
In fact data for the year 2012 shows that the total waste requiring disposal generated in Malta was of 1,500,777 tonnes, 1,147,230 tonnes (99.8%) of which being disposed of in Malta. (
How much of this waste is carelessly thrown away in public places?

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