If nature had a voice

submitted by Handaq Secondary School St.Ignatius College : Michela Calleja  for 11-14
dissemination(s): other, School noticeboard & Seabreeze Hotel noticeboard
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Dissemination description: and maybe be encouraged to make a difference around them as well.In addition Seabreeze. the investigation was put on the noticeboard of a hotel in Birzebbuga The project will be exhibited on the school noticeboard for a week and fellow students will be informed about the YRE projects during the assembly so that they can have a look themselves
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If nature had a voice she would beg us to respect the environment, she would tell us that it prefers the part of the photo in the background where people are happy to enjoy their surroundings and that it dislikes the close up littered view.
Let’s make nature happy! Never litter!

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