submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary : Laurent Grech  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media
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Imgiebah valley which lies at Selmun,has unique quaint features such as its U-shaped valley, the beach,the uplands and lowlands.It is one of the largest Natura 2000 sites.Blue clay hill slopes have been skillfully turned into terraced fields to make cultivate the preciously fertile soil. It hosts one of the only four Sclerophyll forest remnants in the Maltese islands, consisting of Holm Oak and Pine, rich in leaf litter and in forest undergrowth. Maquis areas dominated by Olive tree, Carob and Lentisk can be seen on the right-hand side. Opposite, stretches of rocky karstic ground with scattered pockets of soil trapped in the eroded limestone characterized the garrigue series,harbouring spiny and aromatic shrubs. Creating awareness about our natural surroundings would be the first step to increase sustainability efforts! Every one of us can give a hand to protect and conserve the environment. Let us really make a difference!

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