Litter is Money – Invest Wisely

submitted by St Monica School B'Kara : Alexia Micallef, Emily Borg, Emma Cilia Debono, Kacey Wadge, Laura Rossitto, Mariah Deguara, Nicole Pisani, Valentina Vella  for 11-14
campaign: Litter Less Campaign Entry
dissemination(s): other, youtube
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
sustainable development goal(s): life on land, quality education, responsible consumption and production
filed under Campaigning video Video Clips
awarded: 1st place Litter less Campaign

This video is mainly promoting the fact that when people are more cautious and depose litter appropriately they are actually and indirectly using their money wisely. The problem of litter is truly a Maltese plague and people must realise that they are literally throwing away their money collected through taxes. In order to help the all students residing in Malta become more aware of this unbearable situation, we as form 4 Media Studies students at St Monica School B’Kara came up with this idea that once people realise that it’s all boils down to money unfortunately then they might do something about it.

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