Loss of Natural Habitat

submitted by Gozo College Middle School : Emma Lynn Cauchi  for 11-14
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): EcoSchools noticeboard, other, school magazine, school media, website
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Dissemination description: Photos uploaded on school Facebook page, sent for publication in local newspapers, will be published in the school magazine and shared with the whole school community on the EcoSchool noticeboard.
sustainable development goal(s): life on land, sustainable cities and communities
filed under Photos Reporting photo
awarded: Best Entry

Photos show contrastic realities of wildlife living in their natural habitat with a growing concern that these must adapt to new surroundings which are often overwhelmed with human progress and urban sprawl.
Photo 1 Snail – “Let me roam as free as can be!” In this picture, the snail is seen happily wandering on leaves in its natural habitat which is still untouched by human beings.
Photo 2 Dragonfly – “I prefer a pond or stream rather than this cold piece of steel!” Here, the dragonfly is seen in a different habitat than the one it is used to.
Photo 3 Bee “Let me be, wild and free!” The wasp is admired in its natural habitat.
Photo 4 Building The spreading of urban developments destroying wildlife habitats.

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