Making our school tuck shop greener

submitted by St Thomas More College Middle & Secondary School Zejtun : Aiden Delia, Avril Muscat, Cleavon Borg, Cressida Azzopardi, Gabriella Caruana, Leah Marie Camilleri, Liam Galea, Luca Attard, Mariah Victoria Grima, Neil Demarco, Shelley Callus  for 15-18
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): other, School Celebration Day, school magazine, school media, website
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Dissemination description: The project was disseminated by sharing the video on the school’s official website and the school’s social media (Facebook page). An article was also submitted to be published on the school’s magazine. The article included a QR code with the YouTube link of the video, so that all readers will have easy access to view the video. The project will also be promoted during the School’s Celebration Day. This dissemination creates awareness on how everyone can do their part to reduce litter, just by bringing their own container. Small steps by everyone can lead to big differences!
sustainable development goal(s): responsible consumption and production
filed under Reporting video Video Clips
awarded: Best Entry

The EkoSkola committee of STMC Middle and Secondary School Zejtun carried out an environmental review of the school at the beginning of the scholastic year. They noticed that many single use disposable items were being distributed by the tuckshop, including paper bags, wooden cutlery, paper cups and plastic lids. The students decided to implement a tuckshop loyalty card system which encourages students to bring their own reusable containers, cups and cutlery from home, for which they get a stamp on their loyalty card. Once 20 stamps are collected, this is exchanged for positive points. Waste data was collected from the tuckshop supplier before and after implementing the system. Following the successful implementation of the tuckshop loyalty card system, the amount of paper bags decreased by 15%, the amount of wooden cutlery decreased by 10% and the number of cups and lids decreased by 50%, in just 4 weeks.

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