Mother Nature’s Cry

submitted by St.Benedict College Girls' Secondary School Tarxien : Carmen Galea  for 11-14
dissemination(s): other, Participation in School Photographic Competition & School Open Day, school media, website
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Chadwick Lakes is a scenic natural place where several creatures live in such as: the Maltese Painted frog (an endemic species), dragonflies and bees. These photos show the greenery of this picturesque place. The smell of moist soil, streams of natural water and “waterfalls” make this place unique for a serene walk in the countryside. The dams in this valley were built under the direction of Sir Osbert Chadwick in 1886.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature cries as people spoil this beautiful environment by throwing rubbish in this valley. The accumulation of rubbish can cause fire posing a serious threat to flora and fauna. Moreover, litter can harm wildlife as small creatures may eat it.
As children we hope that this valley is well protected for all of us to enjoy. More rubbish bins should be placed along the pathways. People should be encouraged to reduce waste by re-using containers and bags.

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