Never ending sunset- Light Pollution

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Dangers of Light Pollution:
Nature: animals confuse artificial lighting for moon and disrupt their natural cycles
Human: Circadian Rhythms- Controlled by ‘Ganglion cells’ found inside the eye, controlling the sleep/ wake/ eat cycle + Behavioural functions + pupillary light reflex (dilation of the pupil)- how much light enters the eye and how much we perceive.
Ganglion cells have a peak absorption rate of around 480 nM wavelength (blue light)
In short:
Wrong colour temperature bluish light pollution has greater effect on our sleep/ wake/ eat cycles (circadian) + Behaviour functions
Installing too powerful lighting instead of finding the proper low wattage to produce an adequate amount of luminosity results in light pollution from the reflected surface just under the light source.
Waste of electricity to light unused spaces.

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