Sitting in the wilderness

submitted by St Margaret College Secondary School Verdala Cospicua : Gareth Blundell  for 15-18
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In a side road between Bulebel industrial zone direction to bypass road, Zejtun the beautiful countryside is contaminated by a heavy dump waste including a car seat and many other plastic and paper wastes. Amongst the plastic waste there are oil cans leaking greasy oil in the grassy fields disrupting wildlife, water sources and human health. According to the California Department of Public Health, inhaled or ingested chemicals in oil can cause organ damage to animals. Moreover, it can also cause cancer, weaken the immune system and lead to infertility. Oil spillage in the wilderness can strip the environment of vegetation, disturb the land’s ground surface and seriously affect the wildlife habitat. Zejtun Local Council and the Malta Industrial Parks were contacted to clean up the contaminated area but this zone does not fall under their responsibility. So we recall onto the responsible agency for an immediate clean up action.

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