Competing with the Prickly Pear

submitted by Giovanni Curmi Naxxar Higher Secondary School : Luke Ciantar  for 15-18
dissemination(s): newspaper, radio, school magazine, school media
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Dissemination description: and on "The Malta Indipendent on Sunday" newspaper. They were also invited on a radio programme to speak about YRE and their work. on the school's newsletter "What's On" Students' work was exhibited in the school's noticeboards
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The prickly pear has been the tough plant that gave protection to the farmer’s fields. It has provided fodder to so many animals. It also supplied man with medicinal extracts for his health. What is man giving it in return? Garbage bags? Cans? Glass waste? Would tourists that visit our islands still take pictures of the beautiful countryside? Would man still take medicinal extracts for his health with all this pollution and rubbish in these pristine places?

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