Ugly appearances do matter as well

submitted by Private candidate : Joslyn Falzon  for 15-18
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Sadly, we can get too accustomed to the mess along our roadsides to the point where we don’t even notice it. Not to make a big deal out of this, but my eyes popped out when I saw this huge litter down the road, when I was passing by from the Malta old dockyard.

It takes a visitor from out of town, suitably chagrined, or even a cardboard-crunching neighborhood dog to call it to our attention. Is it laziness, callousness, stupidity or worse?

Efforts must be taken underway to clean up our major stuff found by. In particular, we need to try to make a better first impression even for our environmental and future generations. It’s a shame that the population is not enough aware of this problem, that can be solved in a couple of ways even by the help of the government.

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