Valleys wiped off

submitted by St. Margaret College Boys Secondary Verdala : Daniel Camilleri, Lenard Camilleri  for Age Group: 11-14
dissemination(s): other, school-magazine, YRE board display at school
Dissemination description: The school magazine will be issued during the 3rd term. The YRE board display will be set up once all the entries are submitted.
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Malta is a landmass full of stone buildings with only small patches of trees and fields. Many beautiful green valleys have been completely wiped off.
Developers believe that they have a right to destroy the local natural environment to gain more profits. This is happening in spite of the fact that many flats are still unoccupied. Buildings have been built in many valleys such as that of Kalkara.
Local plants and animal species survive in these valleys thanks to the availability of water. Some of these species are becoming rare because their natural habitats are decreasing rapidly. An example is the very rare perennial Willow-leaved Knotgrass.
If we do not stop this unnecessary development children in the future would not have open spaces where to play and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

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