Water’s Impact on Life

submitted by Giovanni Curmi Naxxar Higher Secondary School Malta : John Charles Fenech  for 15-18
dissemination(s): newspaper, radio, school magazine, school media
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Dissemination description: The students' work was published in the school's newsletter "What's On", published on the newspaper "The Indipendent on Sunday", on the school's notice board, and the students were invited on a radio
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This image shows a micro environment within a valley watercourse in Chadwick lakes. The irony is that not far from were this image was taken, eutrophicated areas could be found. This image shows just a fragment of what there actually is in the zone. Freshwater all over the world is becoming contaminated and its purity is becoming lost. In the Maltese Islands this is occurring more than ever especially due to the fact that the islands already have a scarce amount of fresh water. The contamination of ground water is leading to the destruction of many ecological zones along with the species which live within them. If nothing is done about this, not even a macro image like this one would be able to be taken.

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