Who wants a dirty environment?

submitted by GOZO COLLEGE ZEBBUG PRIMARY : Renee Pisani  for 7-10
dissemination(s): school media
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We must keep our environment clean. If you throw away the rubbish on the grass, around trees and streets, this is not healthy. Keeping our environment clean is important for our health and our happiness. Many people can get ill from waste thrown out and pollution is spread around us. People can also die. Throwing our waste away means that animals, insects and small reptiles can also die. Throwing our waste around is very dangerous – our streets become dangerous places where to walk, talk and meet friends. Our beaches will also be dangerous places where to go and build castles on the sand and play with friends.

If we do not want that all these things to happen, we must put our rubbish in the right bin. We must and we should waste separate every day, every time we do have waste material.

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