Beach Trap

submitted by Maria Regina Girls Secondary Mosta : Casey Mifsud, Samira Axiak, Winona Attard McCarthy  for Age Group: 15-18
dissemination(s): school magazine
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Dissemination description: Taking care of the environment.
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Awareness is made about beach life being destroyed- but how many people are actually doing something to stop this waste?
Waste –such as plastic- is eaten by creatures, turtles for instant. Plastic bags are easily mistaken for jellyfish, the food which turtles eat. When they eat the material, they choke to death.
Furthermore, if the beach you are swimming in contains jellyfish, and you feel the need to take them out of the sea, put the jellyfish in plastic bags then in trash cans. Do not leave these creatures on the sand or a rocky surface,as people might step on them and hurt the sole of their foot.
On the other hand, recycle bins should be noticed, and if used, used properly by putting clean materials and materials which are recycable, meaning glass, plastic, metal and paper.

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