Countryside or dumping site?

submitted by G. F. Abela Junior College : Manuela Busuttil  for 15-18
dissemination(s): school media
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Nowadays it is not easy to find time to go for a walk in the middle of Mother Nature because our lives are so fast and we prefer our TV sets instead of Mother Nature but what is the reason behind this choice? It may be that we feel safer in front of the TV sets or places far from nature because there are people that transformed parts of our country side into dumping sites. During a walk that I did few days ago in the limits of Mtarfa, I found from beer cans to car tires, from chairs to truck parts and those places where I found these items are certainly not where they should be. About all this the Mtarfa Local council was contacted and since this world is everyone world we should recycle what is recyclable and take care of our world together!

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