Hidden Energy

submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary : Antonio Polidano  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media
filed under Photos

Humans look at things in different perspectives: some would say that the photo above is beautiful, some would focus on the large wave and say that it simply shows a rough bay but we are missing the positive aspect that really concerns us. The photo (taken at Saint Julian’s) shows a very small and beautiful bay that is covered with large and colorful pebbles. All moving man-made objects rely on energy but the thing is that the energy used may harm us and our environment. An example is fossil fuels that are used too often and in a very large amounts. We are currently running out of fossil fuels and we have to start using other sources of energy. One alternative source of energy is that generated from natural forces such as waves. Wave power can be used to turn turbines to generate electricity!

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