Isolation Block – Mtarfa

submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary : Ethan Muscat  for Age Group: 11-14
dissemination(s): school-media
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Everyday, whilst I take my dog for its stroll, I pass by the Sir David Bruce Military Hospital and its Annex, the Isolation Block at Mtarfa. This hospital once served as one of the main Hospitals for the British Royal Navy for the Mediterranean region. Currently part of this magnificent building serves as a Boys' State School. The Isolation Block, built in 1924, and situated right above Chadwick Lakes,is unfortunately in a poor state of neglect. The building has no protection against nature's elements, it has never been restored, whilst some time ago it was also set on fire,suffering considerable damage. It remained unrepaired. Currently it is home to numerous stray animals. Wild trees and bushes continue adding to the general disastrous condition, along with all sorts of rubbish. It is worth noting that MEPA scheduled the Isolation Hospital as a Grade 2 national monument in July 12, 2008.

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