Let the wind do the work

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Recently, a lot of awareness has been created about renewable energy. This eco-friendly source of energy is being used much more now than in the past, and is thought to be an ideal replacement for fossil fuels, since these are running out. There is quite a long list of advantages of renewable energy over the burning of the fossil fuels. Renewable energy doesn't pollute the environment and the elements that give us energy aren’t finite. Despite of all the advantages of renewable energy, there are a number of disadvantages. These are rarely mentioned and there isn’t much awareness from the negative aspect. Wind turbines, for example are an eyesore, and even if they are put out on sea, they disturb the natural habitat on the seabed. Wind turbines are also the cause of a great number of deaths of small birds, as well as of the occasional falcon or other birds of prey. All in all renewable energy is a great replacement for fossil fuels, even though it has some disadvantages

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