Let’s work with Wasteserv

submitted by GOZO COLLEGE ZEBBUG PRIMARY : Marie Clare Borg  for 7-10
dissemination(s): school media
filed under Photos

I was walking in my village and I saw many different waste in the streets.
If people get out the recycle bag very early in the morning, dogs can tear it.
I also saw some bags in the middle of street. I was thinking, the bags can cause a car accident.
Glass thrown in our villages may hurt our pets and people when they are walking.
Damaged pavements cause many injuries, like people fall and get hurt.
If we don’t throw waste in streets, we can have a better environment.
There is the WasteServ Civic Amenity Site and bring in sites where we can put many different materials for recycling.
So let’s make a better living by recycling things in grey bags and other waste in black bags. The WasteServ recycles materials collected in Bring in Sites.

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