Obstructed Valley

submitted by St. Margaret College Boys Secondary Verdala : Gianluca Caruana, Matthew Farrugia  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper, school media
Dissemination description: Sent to school website and Times of Malta (No proof as yet available)
filed under Photos

Tracking along ‘Wied Għammieq’ valley, limits of Kalkara one immediately notices lots of dump solid waste polluting the area and obstructing the valley flow. Most of the excess rain water which pours down through this valley leads to the nearby sea. However, apart from polluting the valley, the thrown scattered dump and solid waste dissolves in the flowing rain water contaminating the area. This will surely lead to further damage on the various local growing and living flora and fauna of the valley. People tracking along the valley are also at risk as there is lots of broken glass along the whole valley. Also solid waste like washing machines, dishwashers, even shampoo dumped in the valley can all contain phosphorous that dissolve in water and goes down into the nearby sea affecting the local marine ecosystem. On contacting the Local Council, I recommended more vigilance, law-enforcement and regular clean ups.

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