Save the Sea Turtles

submitted by St.Benedict College Girls' Secondary School Tarxien : Ann Marie Magri  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper, other, school media, Special School Assembly Celebrate Earth Hour, website
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Dissemination description: Bicref(d) school portal- international websites-national geographic and bbcSpecial school assembly to celebrate Earth Hour held on Friday 28th March 2014. Students were encouraged to d Malta Independent (b) website of Mellieha Local Council(c) website of local NGOs- NatureTrust Sharing of photos on social media networks- facebook Photos were also sent to the following organisations for possible publication: (a) online local newspapers- Times of Malta
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These photographs were taken during a Turtle Release activity held last November in the Blue Flag beach of Paradise Bay Hotel at Cirkewwa, Malta. These turtles were found injured by fishermen. Fishing hooks and nylon were found in their mouth and internal organs. Plastic bags are also a threat to turtles as they mistake them for their favourite food, jelly fish. The injured turtles were given the necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation before release. As a young reporter for the environment, I strongly recommend that a public campaign should be launched to increase awareness about the consequences of marine debris on sea creatures. Moreover, the general public, especially fishermen, should immediately contact Nature Trust’s Wildlife Rescue Team when finding injured sea turtles.

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