Sea Pollution

submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary : Tyron Cardona  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media
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We maltese are well known for our countryside and our beaches example the “Gnejna Bay” and the “Golden Sands Bay”. But are we really loosing our touristic fame because we are polluting the sea and the bays? We are always pointing at someone else because they polluted the sea but no one is taking action to try and stop this vandalism that is causing loss of tourists. We need to start and take action NOW or else we are going to suffer the consequences that can even cause on closing bays or not permitting barbecues on the beach – as has happened in some cases. We must help the associations that are trying to help in cleaning our sea and bays voluntarily so that maltese people and tourists can have a pleasant stay at our bays.

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