The lofty oak from a small acorn grows !

submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary : Dylan Cachia  for Age Group: 11-14
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The Holm Oak, locally known as Ballut and scientifically known as Quercux Ilex is a native evergreen tree species found in the Mediterranean region due to the climate of the area. Such trees are able to live in such a climate since the microscopically thin hairs growing on the leaves allow it to retain water. These hairs make the leaf look white underneath and this helps to reflect the sun’s scorching heat especially during the summer months. This tree can create both male and female flowers. The female flowers in turn create the acorn shown in the picture once they are pollinated. Once the acorns fall onto the soil below they are able to germinate and a new tree starts growing. The Holm Oak is also one of those species which can tolerate air pollution so its importance is undoubtedly priceless .

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