Wildlife Hostel

submitted by Gozo College Girls Secondary School : Christine Galea  for 11-14
dissemination(s): Geography notice board, other, Presentation during assemblies., school magazine, website
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All living things need some place to live. Unfortunately people produce a lot of waste and it can end up effecting the natural environment. In this case, this flushing dumped carelessly in Wied l-Infern, limits of Żebbuġ is an eyesore to all the hikers and drivers passing by. It’s true that small animals such as mice, rats or snakes and even insects can use this flushing as a shelter yet it will always remain an eyesore and it will stay there for years on end unless it is removed. Yet, it is worth noting that there is even worse and highly damaging litter, such as car batteries and other old or broken home appliances carelessly disposed of in abandoned fields or valleys. Humans must not be careless and should do there best to preserve the natural environment.

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